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Pre-Authorized Payment Program (PTP) Application

Applicants can use this form to either enroll in the Pre-Authorized Payment Program for the first time, or change the payment option of an existing Pre-Authorized Payment Program enrollment.

Personal information in this form is collected under the authority of the Municipal Act, 2001 and will be used to process your request. If you have any questions, please contact the Tax Division 905-864-4142.

Please choose the option that applies to you

Property Information

PTP Payment Plan Enrollment

PTP Plans

Step 1: Choose one (1) payment plan option that you would like to enroll in

Enrollment Options

Each enrollment option has a deadline.  If you choose an enrollment option past the deadline for enrollment we will contact you by email to decline your application.

Financial Information


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Is the name on the void cheque or direct deposit form the name of the legal property owner?

Terms and Conditions

Receipt of Payment

Your most recent tax bill is your tax receipt. If you need proof of payments, please email or bring your most recent bill to Town Hall to have it stamped with payments received to date. If you need additional receipts an administrative fee will apply. 

Arrears/Overdue Taxes

If your tax account becomes overdue, your property will be removed from the program and you will be issued regular due date billings. 

Sale of Property

Failure to notify the Town of the sale of your property and effective cancellation dates could result in further payment withdrawals.  Account Change or Cancellation Request form(s) must be completed, signed and returned to our office 15 days prior to the withdrawal date of the program you wish to change or cancel.  Withdrawals made after the sale date can only be refunded once the Statement of Adjustments (provided to you by your solicitor) has been verified. Fees may apply if a refund occurs because of taxes paid in error. If you move within Milton, the PTP program is not transferable. The program must be cancelled on your previous property and a new application completed for your new property according to the enrolment deadlines indicated within the terms and conditions of this program. 

Bank Account Changes/Program Cancellation

For account changes or program cancellation, please complete the “Pre-authorized Payment Plan Account Change or Cancellation Request form. Return this signed form to our office 15 days prior to the withdrawal date of the program you wish to change or cancel.

Returned Payments/Penalties

Administrative fees will be applied for payments not cleared by your financial institution.  Also, a late payment charge of 1.25% may be added per month until paid.  If the payment is not replaced in the specified time, your account will be removed from the program. 

Additional Charges

Additional charges added to your tax account will not be automatically withdrawn from the bank account on file. Payments for these charges must be paid separately by the due date indicated.

Payment  Adjustments

Rounding issues may occur on an annual basis.  Payment adjustments will be made without providing notice and will be automatically withdrawn from your account. 

Taxes Levied

Taxes levied for all current and previous years must be paid in full prior to the enrollment deadline.

Step 4. Agree to Terms and Conditions