Medical Information Form - Camps

The Town of Milton Community Services Department endeavours to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone. If your child requires medication while attending a camp program, or if they have an allergy, please read this form carefully. 

For returning campers, this online form consolidates and replaces the following 4 forms for a single participant:

  • Medication Consent Form
  • Participant Asthma Form
  • Participant Allergy Form
  • Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan Form

Participant Information

Camp Information

Please help us to direct your submission to the appropriate camp councillor by telling us which camp(s) your child will be attending. 

Choose from the 5 types of camps listed below.  

Parent/Guardian Contact Information


Emergency Contact 

Allergies (including Anaphylaxis), Asthma and Medication 

Please indicate any of the following issues that affect your child.  Your choices will prompt additional questions regarding your child's medical condition and medications.