Community Event Application Form

Welcome Event Organizers! The Town of Milton is excited to support you in the delivery of your event.  In order to ensure you are providing a safe experience for the community and reducing the likelihood of personal liability, we request that you complete the Community Event Application Form.

This application form is set up to accomodate all types of events, from small and simple, to large and elaborate. This form will prompt you for details about your event and your answers will determine what your requirements may be to stage a risk free event.  The form can be filled out in stages if necessary and large event organizers can re-open it at any time to add information, edit and submit additional documentation. 

On submission of this form you will receive an email confirmation of your application along with contact details for Town staff. Use the “Update My Submission” link included in your email to return to your submission form at any time.

Contact Information

Please provide contact information for the event organizer.